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Soon you, too, will be saying GOODBYE to stiff, inflexible muscles – and saying HELLO to Loose, Flexible, Powerful Muscles, and Pain Free Joints!

You’ve taken a giant leap to improve your health, wellness, and quality of life.

But before you go….don’t miss this chance to reach your flexibility and health goals even faster with personal coaching and support…


One-On-One Coaching With Kevin Hudson to Improve Your Flexibility, Fitness, and Health Even Faster With a Customized Routine Developed Specifically for You


Private one-on-one coaching isn’t for everyone. “Splits in 90 Days” gives you a complete step-by-step system to follow that’s been proven to work both in my local dojo and for students around the world.

But some students want the fastest results possible…or they would like to customize the program for their specific needs…or they simply want access to an experienced coach to answer any questions they may have.

If that’s you, you will love this greatly discounted option of personal one-on-one coaching with me for the next 30 days.

If you want to move quicker, feel better, and perform at a more flexible and higher level you can take advantage of my SPLITSIN90DAYS QuickStart for ACTION TAKERS PROGRAM!

As a QuickStart Action Taker (QSAT) you’ll gain personal access to me with this simple 4-step system:

FIRST: Just click the add to cart button near the bottom of this page, and I’ll email you a copy of my Splitsin90days Personal Evaluation. This questionnaire gives me the needed background and information regarding your current health, flexibility, and training situation. Some of the questions will make you think and may even uncover other areas that need some attention.

You can’t design a plan to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are right now.

Once you return the Splitsin90days Personal Evaluation I’ll confirm its receipt and take time to personally study and prescribe a master plan that will catapult your performance in LIGHTENING SPEED time.

The subject line of the email containing the questionnaire will read: Splitsin90days Personal Evaluation.

SECOND: I’ll spend time studying your evaluation. I’ll think, ponder, and even pray about the best way to make this a life changing experience for you and those around you. I’ll then send you my personal email. This way you’ll be able to personally send me any questions that may be on your mind during our one on one time together.

I usually spend between 2 and 4 days designing each of my student’s programs. If I’m investing this kind of time in you I’m sure you’ll step up and take action just like you’ve done thus far.

THIRD: I’ll make sure your Splitsin90days program is shipped out along with a few surprises.

I’ll send you a signed copy of my book You Can Hit the Mark ($15 value). This book has everything to do with life, flexibility, and high performance, and is an entertaining read for someone looking to hit the mark in life.

I’m also gonna send you a copy of my Hit it like you’re Mad at it, Heavy bag training program ($29 value). If you’ve never hit a heavy bag before you’re missing out on some of the best stress reducing, fitness training around and with both hanging and free standing heavy bags available it makes getting into shape easier than ever. In this video I share some time tested guaranteed methods to get you hitting harder and feeling better through using a punching bag. You’ll love it!

I’m also gonna send you my self-defense DVD, Dirty Butt Whooping Secrets ($29 value). Now this was a self-defense class I did a while back at one of my martial arts centers. There were men, women, and children present so these skills are tailored to anyone, any size and can make a difference between a good story for your friends and tragedy.

My daughter is 16 and you can bet she has these skills under her belt just in case!

FOURTH: After I’m happy with the program that’ll surely get you on track and maximize this experience for you I’ll email you my CUSTOMIZED Splitsin90Days plan to you. We’ll set up a private one-on-one call 30 to 60 days out. This call will be to make sure you’re on track and getting the progress you deserve.

Being the best isn’t easy and the top dogs of the world always have a coach. I’m here to be your compass through this maze of craziness we live in.

I know you’re asking yourself,

‘How much money will it cost to have a Published Author, World Champ, Flexibility Expert, multiple black belt holder under some of the most legendary teachers in the world, and all around great person as my own personal coach for the next 30 days?’

Money is a means of exchange as you know, and the main reason I charge for this program is to WEED out the non-hackers.

If you don’t have no SKIN in the game, you don’t play full out.

I pay for coaching and I think everyone should. An accountability person is PRICELESS!

Let’s recap this opportunity for you:

– You’ll get You Can Hit the Mark, my first book that has changed lives already around the world valued at $15. Sign personally by me. Now that adds some dollar value!

Hit it Like you’re Mad at It DVD. A training program that’ll get you in the best shape ever. Valued at $29.

Dirty Butt Whooping Secrets DVD. Self Defense training that could save your life. Valued at $29, but could be worth a lot more.

Time and Dedication from me, designing your program, answering your questions via my personal email and during our call.

I usually charge $500 for a one hour consultation/lesson, but with the work load I’m under I often refuse to do one on one private training. I’ve found the best of both worlds with this program. One on one training and the ability to help more than one person at a time and make it more affordable for those who need it.

For a limited time only you can have my lifetime of knowledge at your fingertips for the LOW price of just $197.

That’s right just $197 to reach your fullest potential and improve your flexibility truly in ROCKET SPEED time!

Add it all up and you’re paying just $197 for $573+ in value.

You Can hit the Mark= $15
Hit it Like you’re Mad at it= $29
Dirty Butt Whooping Secrets= $29
More than an HOUR of my expertise= $500 +

Soon you’ll bekicking higher and feeling better in NO time.

Keep Kicking and God Bless!